Simple quick way to get started learning and playing with Tailwind CSS

Example output while running dev-server, shown here: ./sample-logs.png


  • No "transpiling" configuration is needed (or used).

  • No build tools need to be set up.

  • Tiny reactive web server: ~115 lines of code with lots of comments.

  • Minimal dependencies:

    • chalk for color,

    • for server <-> browser communication,

    • and tailwindcss of course.


Clone the GIT repository, and install the dependencies.

git clone
cd tailwind-dev-server


yarn start

Then open your browser to: http://localhost:8080


Edit any of the following entry point files:

Changes will be recompiled and automatically refreshed in your browser. Errors will be displayed in the server output.

Create any additional HTML files as needed, using ./index.html as a starting-point reference.


If you like what you see and want to save it and use it, run:

yarn build

And now you can use your newly-built ./tailwind-bundle.css stylesheet however you like.